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So what do YOU think? Join the debate on our Forums at ... THERE'S a theory that says if there isn't already a website for the weird and wonderful idea you've just had, someone will make one within moments of you mentioning it online.

If your obsession is brown signs on British roads, Amanda Hone has got you covered. Amanda is a woman with an obsession. She just loves following brown signs.

You know the ones. The road signs intended for tourists, the ones that point you to castles, hill forts, stone circles and all sorts of other monuments and interesting places.

During a spell of unemployment back in 2008, Hone decided to travel around the UK following the brown signs and seeing where they took her. She blogged about the adventure at, telling the stories about the places she found.

Now she's opened a new website at www.followthebrownsigns.

com, with the aim of creating a complete map of all the brown signs in the country. And she needs your help.

If there's a brown sign attraction near you, Hone's site has a page where you can enter all the details and add it to a map.

She's also continuing the blog there, and done a bit of research into the history of the brown signs themselves.

It turns out that there are 93 categories of brown sign destination.

Hone's got an interactive list of them all at They cover everything from safari parks to cider farms.

So next time the kids are clamouring for a day out and you have no idea where to take them, try putting your postcode into the search box on Hone's website to see what pops up.

If the results are disappointing, get the kids to help you look for something signposted in brown - then add the details to Hone's map when you get home.

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Date:Jan 6, 2012
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