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MARISSA Mayer is Yahoo's new CEO. Can the 37-year-old former Google executive drag Yahoo out of the doldrums and back into the limelight? Giles Turnbull reports.

You know Yahoo. Everyone's heard of it. But how often do you use it? For most, the answer is "Not as often as I used to".

Marissa Mayer has jumped from Google to take over at Yahoo. Her job is to get people using Yahoo again.

Before Google came along in the late 1990s, Yahoo was one of the biggest and most popular websites on the internet.

It began as a hand-coded directory of the web, back in the days when it was possible to count each day's new websites on your fingers.

From there, Yahoo grew quickly. It added a search engine, news, and eventually online services such as email and calendars. Millions of people used Yahoo every day.

Google's search was better, though. Almost overnight, Yahoo's customers began to look elsewhere.

It's still a huge website. That's part of the problem. There's a lot of stuff to maintain, but not enough money coming in.

So expect changes, and soon. Services will be cut, jobs will go. But other jobs might be created: during her time at Google, Mayer was responsible for some of the company's cleverest ideas, and they were often the result of investment in software and software engineers.

The new Yahoo will probably be slimmer and simpler. It will also have to offer something innovative, something people can't find elsewhere on the internet.

Thanks to Mayer's move, the eyes of the internet are watching Yahoo more closely than they have for years.


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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jul 27, 2012
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