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On the trail of the Cannock Chase WEREWOLF! He's sweated through an Olympic workout, broken bones mountain biking and eaten the world's hottest pizza. Now madcap reporter Jonny Dangerous tackles his most dangerous assignment to date - hunting for fabled werewolves on Cannock Chase.: Diary entry for Friday October 2...

5pm: Finished reading the Fringe Weird Report, written by Cardiff priest Lionel Fanthorpe, a leading figure in international paranormal research. It claims there have more than 20 werewolf sightings on Cannock Chase since 1975.

8.15pm: Leave Birmingham in my trusty red Skoda heading for the Staffordshire beauty spot to look for werewolves.

The boss thinks me spending a night there might lure them out on camera! I check the moon which is due to be at its fullest in just two days' time, but I think there's little chance of seeing a werewolf.

9.15pm: Set-up initial observation spot just off Camp Road in the middle of the Chase. Have a flask of tea, four cheese and pickle sandwiches and a packet of scotch eggs. I also lay out four slabs of blood-soaked top-side of beef hoping the fantasy beast has a taste for bovine fodder. As if!

9.45pm: Move to near the German War Cemetery and set-up a second looking post, as nothing was happening at the first. I plonk down the red meat again. Hear a branch snap in the undergrowth, but it's probably a badger or deer.

10.30pm: Strange. The clear night sky starts to fill with smoky clouds which drift across the moon. But no sign of any werewolves, the only nocturnal activity seems to be a group of cars which have gathered in a clearing in the distance, occasionally flashing their lights. Have a sandwich and a brew to keep the autumn chill at bay.

12.45am: Nothing happening here. Getting much colder though.

12.46am: Hear noise from undergrowth. Sounds too big to be a fox...

12.50am: Still hearing noises coming from trees, but dying for the loo, so nip into the buses.

12.52am: Return to camp to discover the beef has been taken, the lamp smashed and my bag has been torn to shreds! Is someone playing a joke on me??? 12.53am: Hear rustling noises coming from the trees. Seem louder now. Something seems to be watching me...

12.54am: Really starting to panic. JOKE OR NOT, I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE...


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the .last entry Jonny made.His abandoned car was found near the German War Cemetery along with the remains of the camp and his diary. After a search of Cannock Chase no trace was found of our brave werewolf hunter. Investigations are continuing.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Oct 4, 2009
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