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FIVE members of the same family have all got their licences to broadcast over the radio airwaves. Eleven-year-old Ricky Duckhouse's feat of passing his foundation exam in amateur radio means that his family have probably the most radio transmitter licences in Wales, and possibly the UK.

They may now hold two-way conversations with radio amateurs transmitting from around the world - and even with astronauts on board the International Space Station.

Marconi old link Ricky, of Frankwell Close, Tywyn, Gwynedd attended the examination at the Colwyn Bay headquarters of the North Wales Amateur Radio Society, held under the auspices of the Radio Society of Great Britain and Government communications regulator Ofcom. He had to learn radio theory, understand important facets about the dangers and safe use of electricity, prove he could properly conduct himself on the international airwaves, and handle Morse code to an accepted degree of proficiency.

He took an internationally recognised written exam and as a result now has an "M3" radio licence and possesses his own call sign.

A delighted Ricky said: "I've watched the International Space Station passing overhead on clear nights and heard the astronauts talking on the radio.

"And now I have a chance of talking back to the crew myself.

"The 'M' in my call sign was given in international recognition of Marconi who came to Tywyn to set up one of the first ever radio stations 100 years ago."

Ricky was presented with his Pass Certificate by examination invigilator Tony Chalk from North Wales Amateur Radio Society.

His father Kevin, mum Alison and brother and sister Josh and Sonyarisa have all got licenses.

Kevin said: "We are really pleased for Ricky. He brings us now to five radio licences in our family, which is a record.

has an to Towyn "There aren't many young operators locally for him to make contact with, although I know he will be delighted to let anyone interested in on how it's all done.

"But now the world is his radio oyster, thanks to the friendliness of the North Wales Amateur Radio Society."

Radio Society of Great Britain manager Peter Kirby said: "This is the start of a great adventure for Ricky and one which will hopefully continue for many years to come. "It's extremely rare for five members of one family to gain an Amateur Radio licence and the Duckhouse family have certainly made their mark on the Amateur Radio bands and put Tywyn on the map," he added.


Marconi has an old link to Towyn Ricky Duckhouse from Tywyn, Gwynedd, is one of the youngest amateur radio hams, having just received his licence at 11 years of age - following in the footsteps of his mum, dad, brother and sister Pic: ROBERT PARRY JONES
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Dec 3, 2010
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