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On the road: calendar.

Detroit, Mich.

July 26-28, Pax Christi USA National Assembly, "Casting Out Fear, Building on Hope, Living Nonviolence in Times of Terrorism." Contact:,

Dublin, Ireland

August 3-10, War Resisters' International Triennial Conference, "Stories and Strategies: Nonviolent Resistance and Social Change." Contact:,

Greenbelt, United Kingdom

August 23-27, Jim Wallis will address the Greenbelt Festival on "A Global God: Will Sept. 11 Change the World?" "A Better Way to Fight Terrorism," and "Is Nonviolence Possible in the Middle East?" Contact: Oliver Carruthers,

Belfast, Northern Ireland

September 25-28, Jim Wallis will speak to the Faith Values Initiative on "The Church in Community" and "Embodying Forgiveness." Contact: Heather Marrow,
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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