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On the hunt for a big cheese with financial clout.


POSTED AT 1.04pm 04 AUGUST 2009

IN THE wake of tipping an 80-1 golf winner last week, I have been asked by Racing Post big cheeses to keep readers up to speed by providing a brief life update.

Well, Monday through Thursday, I went for relatively tight, conventional briefs to give me ample testicular support, but on Friday I opted for a leopard-skin posing pouch because I had a hot date lined up in the evening and was hoping I might get to show off my wares.

Ha, ha, ha - that'll teach the big cheeses for being big and cheesy! No, the big cheeses did not want me to detail my recent choice of pants - they were eager for me to explain my latest financial position and when it may be possible for the Betting Week to return.

The bad news is, despite Oskar Henningsson's heroics in the Czech Republic last week, I have not been able to have a bet since the British Open and remain in poverty.

The comments from readers under previous blog postings have amused me greatly. Yes, it would be lovely if the aforementioned big cheeses offered some financial aid, but given the current economic climate (hot, sticky, with everyone caked in rancid layers of sweat), I think there is as much chance of the big cheeses coming to my rescue as there is of the moon being made of Cheddar.

So I'm having to hold fire, repaying the faith shown in me by people who have offered me loans, and then when I get the chance to attack the bookmakers once again I will do so with renewed vigour and feast on their innards.
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Aug 10, 2009
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