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I couldn't help but notice that according to a news report, British people are being put-off holidaying abroad because they do not understand foreign languages. I wonder if these are the same people who said that visitors to this country should make the effort to understand English.


Funnily enough, a few years back (on my honeymoon) we sat in a Greek taverna as a British couple next to us slowly, loudly and painfully described how "we in the UK like our salt" to the young Greek waitress. It took about 10 minutes as the bloke felt the need to....leave.....huge......gaps between each word.

Very comical when she responded in perfect fluent English. My German cousins also speak English fluently. I think it is ridiculous not to go abroad due to the language -1 don't speak Dutch or Greek but always managed to get by in the respective countries and I've often been amazed at how many people there do speak English. Sort of puts us to shame a bit.


British people have never been concerned about speaking the language, we have always expected everyone else to talk English. A few years ago I worked in Leigh nearWigan, living most of my life in Lancashire you would have thought I wouldn't have any trouble understanding them. It was easier trying to understand Russian, love to see them try to have a conversation with a broad Geordie.


Milkhope 1 - Exactly - I can still remember popping into a post office a few years back in Kibblesworth. I grew up five minutes from there and my dad is pretty broad Geordie - I couldn't understand a word the elderly man behind the counter said as he was so broad. My friend from London who was with me laughed herself silly. So you don't have to travel too far to have language difficulties


I think the Scots are worst with their 350 words a minute Lol.

Never had any Problems in Greece, Hong Kong, China, Belgium, Germany or France but go to Scotland and that's nigh on impossible to understand


I agree Timerman. I went to Scotland recently and I couldn't believe how tricky it was to understand the lingo.


I have the same trouble whenever I phone one of those call centres, pictured, especially the foreign ones. They never understand me and keep asking me to repeat, I get sick of it, they should learn our language.


Yes so true Cannylad, I don't know why we should be inconvenienced just to allow companies who are making billions of profits per annum, make even more. In May I was extremely ill with food poisoning, and had to cancel an appointment with the manager of my bank in Gosforth. Nobody can phone the branch, I had to phone India, and they passed the message on to the bank. Is it just me, or is this absurdity at if s best.

Readers were also discussing the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.


I remember what seemed like weeks of films when he died, and writing a poem.

It's now or never,

I write this note to tell of all the songs he wrote, Of rock and roll he was the King,

He warmed people's heart when he started to sing, he made people happy,

He made people cry, His death made us realise that even Kings die.


I remember watching it on the news, all these women crying wearing their Elvis T-shirts. And I was only three.

Other readers are talking about dealing with death.


I have a half full, half-size, bottle of vodka that I re-fill for every funeral I go to. I empty half or a quarter of it into the ground (depending on how many are there) for a last drink with the dead and share the rest with the other mourners. I have also visited the crem when no one else was around and shared a drink with them pouring equal measures into the ground. It doesn't make it easier but it makes me feel closer, I'd love to say time helps but it doesn't really, when you lose someone you lose them forever, all you can do is try to make the best of it.
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Date:Aug 15, 2007
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