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On the first pay of Xmas; [euro]8,000 bill to snap up grand gifts mentioned in popular Twelve Days Of Christmas carol.


EVER thought about getting your true love all the gifts mentioned in the Twelve Days Of Christmas carol? Well think again as research out yesterday has revealed it will set you back almost [euro]8,000.

Phantom 105.2 breakfast radio show presenters Joe & Keith have totted up the tab of getting your hands on every item mentioned in the popular song.

The pair, who work for the Dublin station, said: "Some might see the cost of all the gifts mentioned in the Twelve Days Of Christmas as an economic barometer but there is a surprising number of ways to shop around for value and think outside the box.

"For example, it's not possible to obtain a swan in this country - unless perhaps it's for a movie or something like that - so one of our listeners offered to do a performance of Swan Lake for an hour. It's an interpretation of 'seven swans a swimming' you might say.

"We think it only right that we'd factor in the minimum hourly rate for this. We don't think anyone will be rushing out to buy this list which totted up at [euro]7,996.85.

"Unless they've a fondness for fowl and human performers, but at least they know how much it would cost."

Day three. Three French hens: from Paul Brady of Brady's butchers in Dublin, for [euro]30.

Day two. Two turtle doves: [euro]40 from Mick Ryan, Wicklow dove releaser, at

Day six. Six geese: from Paul Brady at Brady's butchers in Fairview, Dublin, for [euro]30 each.

Day one. One pear tree: [euro]23.50 at Cork's Hillside Nurseries and a partridge costs [euro]10 at Brady's butchers, Dublin.

Day five. Five gold rings: from Argos, 9 carat, at [euro]76.99 each.

Day four. Four calling birds: [euro]80 at Swords Pet Store, Dublin.

Day eight. Eight maids a milking: Sarah, a UCD agriculture student, and seven classmates would do it for [euro]69.20.

Day nine. Nine ladies dancing: Mark Downing from Audio Networks can hire out the dancers for [euro]1518.75.

Day seven. Seven swans a swimming: [euro]60.55 for Marie Keating School of Dance members to perform Swan Lake.

Day 10. Ten Lords a leaping: Ten Scottish lordships can be bought at for [euro]299.90.

Day 11. Eleven Pipers Piping: Steph the Dublin piper can play the pipes for [euro]200 an hour. See

Day 12. Twelve drummers drumming: Kevin Curran at the Hit Machine can supply the drummers for [euro]3,000.
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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion, Columns
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Nov 26, 2013
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