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On the air.

I commute between Central Pennsylvania (KUNV) and Richmond, Va., (KFCI) each week in my Piper Arrow. I usually fly down the western edge of Dulles' Class B airspace with little attention from the controllers except routine frequency changes. But one Sunday night heading to Richmond, I was vectored almost to the Frederick, Md., airport (KFDK). After getting back on a course that had me going in the right direction, I got a friendly controller and a quiet frequency.

Potomac Approach: "Arrow Two Eight Seven Three Romeo, cleared direct Chesterfield. Sorry about all that vectoring tonight."

Me: "Seven Three Romeo, direct Chesterfield ... I usually get to just fly Martinsburg to Casanova and no one says a word."

Approach: "Yeah, sometimes that works fine and sometimes we have to vector you around, Sorry about that."

Me: "No problem, I understand. I just do what I'm told."

Approach: "Yeah, I'm married too."

Evan Smith

State College, Pa.

Vectored by Boston Departure to avoid a blimp orbiting Fenway Park providing TV coverage for a Red Sox night game, I had the following exchange:

Boston Departure: "Travelair Five Delta Tango, with the routing I gave, you must have had a great view of Fenway tonight."

Me: "With the way the Sox have been playing, I couldn't bear to look."

Departure: "Oh, tell me about it."

(The Red Sox lost the game.)

Len Sherman

Westport, Conn.

Flying home from Nantucket, Mass., (KACK) to Farmingdale, N.J., (KBLM) I was working my way through the five or six N.Y. Approach controllers I talk to on that routing. Here's what a heard between checking in and being handed off, with a controller working all the traffic in and out of Islip (KISP) as well as clearance delivery. This all happened in a minute or two--typical for New York.

Me: "Good afternoon New York Approach, Baron One Three Alpha Kilo, 6500."

New York Approach: "Good afternoon One Three Alpha Kilo, Islip altimeter 30.03. Stand by. Jump Two, New York Approach, say altitude?" Jump 2: "12.5"

Approach: "Have you thrown anyone out of the plane yet?"

Jump 2: "Negative."

Approach: "Keep 'em inside for a minute. I need to get a jet past you first."

Jump 2: "Roger."

Approach: "Southwest 210, Descend 2000, cleared for the visual 24. Contact Tower."

Approach: "Jump Two. You can start throwing them out of the plane now."

Jump 2: "Thank you sir."

Approach: "One Three Alpha Kilo, say destination and type Baron."

Me: "Approach, we are a B58 heading Monmouth in New Jersey."

Approach: "Roger One Three Alpha Kilo. Contact New York Approach on 127.4. See ya."

Edward H. Thomson III

Sea Girt, N.J.

Getting a handoff from New York Approach recently, I had the "everyone's a comic" experience:

New York Approach: "Bonanza Three Zulu Mike, contact New York on 124.075, have a nice flight."

Me: "Ouch! Mooney Three Zulu Mike. New York on 124.07."

Approach: "Sorry, my mistake. Mooney Three Zulu Mike, contact New York on 124.07"

Unknown: "His mother always wanted him to be a doctor."

Mike Stenzler

Loveland, Ohio

On a trip to Waterville, Me., (KWVL), I checked in with Syracuse:

Me (flying N15T): "Syracuse Approach, Baron One Five Tango is with you at 9000."

Syracuse Approach: "Roger One Five Tango. Say full call sign, please."

Me: "November One Five Tango. I've got a short one."

Approach: "Sorry to hear that. I've got a short one too, buddy."

Curt Childress

Nortonville, Kan.

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