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On the air.

On a recent trip, I used AOPA's flight planner to find waypoints that would just miss the borders of the Minneapolis-St. Paul (KMSP) Class B. The route included NDBs, VORs, and the UDILE intersection.

A clue that this was novel to ATC came when the controller struggled to pronounce UDILE and then cleared me direct to my destination of Willmar, Minn., (KBDH).

On the way home, and halfway to UDILE I heard:

Minneapolis Approach: "That's a great routing. Did ATC assign that or did you do it yourself?"

Me: "I did it."

Approach: "It's really nice. It gets you out of the way of all the inbounds and just avoids TWINZ"

Me: "Anything to help you guys."

Dan Johnson

Menomonie, Wisc.

Heard on a trip from Buffalo, N.Y., (KBUF) to White Plains, N.Y., (KHPN).

Rochester Approach: "Cardinal Four Five Six, say heading to Gardner."

Cardinal 456: "That is correct, heading to Gardner, Cardinal 456."

Approach: "Cardinal Four Five Six, say heading to Gardner."

Cardinal 456: "Affirmative, Sir. We are heading to Gardner, Cardinal 456."

Approach: "Cardinal 456, I want you to look at your compass, and tell me: What numbers do you see under the little white line?"

David Pulver

White Plains, N.Y

While practicing approaches at Baltimore, Md., (KBWI), we heard:

Baltimore Tower: "Cessna Two Seven Lima, your squawk is 2355, not 2455. But that's better than the last departure. He squawked his tail number."

Herbert Rosenthal

Bethesda, Md.

The weather wasn't great for our Sunday-morning trip from Florence, S.C., (KFLO) back home to Sanford, N.C., (KTTA). Ceilings were around 1700 feet with rain most of the way.

When I was put on hold to wait for a briefer, I expected music, but instead heard the Lord's Prayer being transmitted by a radio station chosen by the FSS.

A couple of folks were standing around in the flight planning room interested in my soon-to-be-obtained briefing. One asked why I was smiling and I let him listen in on the prayer.

A few seconds later the briefer answered and I asked what was up with the unusual hold message.

He laughed and said they just wanted to give all of us GA pilots all the help we could get on a crummy day. Chances are we were going to need it.

Charles Davis

Apex, N.C.

Overheard leaving Boston, Mass., (KBOS) on United ATC feed:

American 123: "LaGuardia--I mean, Boston-Clearance: Any delays to LaGuardia?"

Boston Clearance (after a pause): "Believe it or not, no."

American 123: "Great! Ready to push back from Gate 16 with Uniform."

Clearance: "I guess that's something to be thankful for today. American One Two Three cleared to push."

Ted Lester

Cambridge, Mass.

Somewhere over the Western U.S. on United channel 9.

Denver Center: "United Twenty Three would you like direct Crazy Woman?"

United 23: "OK, but I'm a bit confused. I thought I left her at home about four hours ago."

Craig Lutz

San Jose, Calif.

I was on downwind and was asked to do a short approach because of a Cirrus on the ILS to the same runway. I complied, and the tower called me as traffic.

Cirrus: "I don't have him visually, but I see him on the box."

Tower (female controller): "Roger, follow him."

Me: "I wish I had a box."

Cirrus (in a deep, proud voice): "Yeah, it's pretty cool stuff."

Tower: "You get the box when you buy the shoes."

Marc Cook

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