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On the Water: the Romance and Lore of America's Small Boats.

Providing a somewhat different approach to maritime history is "On the Water," by Douglas Alvord, subtitled "The Romance and Lore of America's Small Boats," and published by the Yankee Books division of Yankee Publishing Inc., Dublin, N.H. The author is also an accomplished artist and has illustrated the volume with sketches and paintings of many of the vessels that were so important in many of our early marine fisheries

The author begins with an explanation of the basics of small boat design and construction, and has produced a well-illustrated history of America's small working boats, beginning with Native American canoes and the similar small craft patterned after them by early immigrant boat builders. Another chapter discusses the early sporting vessels called guide boats-vessels utilized by hunters, trappers, and guides. Other chapters review the various boats used by east coast lobstermen, Chesapeake bay watermen, commercial and sport hunters of waterfowl, flat-water sail boats (sharpies for oystering, catboats, etc.) and a variety of others, i.e., skiffs, dinghys, dorys, and rowboats. Listed are some of the shops that still make such vessels in the old-fashioned ways and their tools and materials. Another section lists maritime museums and collections and a short bibliography. indexed, the hardbound volume is available from the publisher for $24.95.
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 1988
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