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On the Relationship between Locus of Control and the Grade Point Average of the Iranian Azad University EFL Students.

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The present study sponsored by Islamic Azad University of Bandar Abbas, Iran, intended to see if locus of control really affected students' language achievement. It was hypothesized that subjects' loci of controls affected their GPA's in meaningful and significant ways. The study also tried to measure the effects of students' major and their proficiency level on their language achievement. A total of 198 freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students all majoring in English (i.e., Translation, TEFL, or Literature) in different branches of Islamic Azad University (i.e., Karaj, Takestan, Zanjan, and Bandar Abbas) took the Rotter's (1966) locus of control personality test and were classified as internal LOC (n[subscript 1]i=78), and external LOC members (n[subscript 2]=120). They then took their ordinary courses and at the end of the semester, they were given their exams. Their GPAs were calculated and compared to their previous term GPAs. For data analysis, three sets of Mixed between-within subjects analysis of variance (also known as SPANOVA) were conducted with study major, proficiency, and locus of control as the independent variables. The results of data analysis indicated that language proficiency was the most important factor in language achievement; neither locus of control nor major of study were found as indicators of GPA gain. It was also noticed that advanced proficiency students had somewhat lost their GPAs. This indicated that other factors such as locus of control and/or major of study, if at all, interacted with proficiency only at the advanced proficiency level. As such, the first and second null hypotheses of the study were not rejected. However, the last null hypothesis was rejected. (Contains 3 figures and 13 tables.)

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Title Annotation:English as a foreign language
Author:Bozorgi, Simin
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Report
Geographic Code:7IRAN
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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