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On the Record: An audit of Canada's report on military exports, 2003-05.

On the Record: An audit of Canada's report on military exports, 2003-05, by Kenneth Epps and Kyle Gossen (80 pages), published January 2009.

In this publication, Project Ploughshares provides detailed analysis of the Report on Exports of Military Goods from Canada, 2003-2005, published by the Export Controls Division of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Kyle Gossen conducted research and co-authored the publication during a term placement under the Co-operative Education program at the University of Waterloo. Kenneth Epps is Senior Program Associate with Project Ploughshares. (See this issue, pp. 20-21.)

The report was compiled by Ernie Regehr of Project Ploughshares and Bill Janzen of the Ottawa office of Mennonite Central Committee Canada.

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Title Annotation:New Publication
Author:Regehr, Ernie
Publication:Ploughshares Monitor
Date:Mar 22, 2009
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