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On the Holy Icons.

On The Holy Icons

St. Theodore the Studite; Catharine P. Roth, translator

St. Vladimir's Seminary Press

575 Scarsdale, Road, Crestwood, NY 10707-1699

0913836761 $10.95 1-800-204-2665

Written by St. Theodore the Studite during the iconoclastic controversy of the eighth-ninth century, On The Holy Icons is a powerful rebuttal of iconoclasm with profound repercussions to the present day. St. Theodore argued passionately that to reject the Christian veneration of images is to deny God's incarnation, which is what makes human salvation possible; to say the Christ cannot be portrayed is to say that He was not truly man, and humanity was not truly united with God in Him. An introduction and a select bibliography round out this enduring text, which is divided into three intense refutation of iconoclasts. A serious-minded and faithful work of theology that grappled with a pressing spiritual issue of its era and truly survives the test of time; very highly recommended for church libraries and theology reference shelves.
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Author:Taylor, John
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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