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On termination of activity of provisional administration.

Moscow: Due to the ruling of the Court of Arbitration of the city of Moscow dated 20 January 2016, with regard to case No. A40-226041/15-88-422 'B' on recognizing insolvent (bankrupt) the credit institution COMMERCIAL BANK VITYAZ LTD. (Bank of Russia Registration No. 2890, date of registration -- 10 June 1994) and appointing a receiver in compliance with Clause 3 of Article 18927 of the Federal Law 'On the Insolvency (Bankruptcy)', the Bank of Russia took a decision (Order No. OD-425, dated 8 February 2016) to terminate from 9 February 2016 the activity of the provisional administration of the credit institution COMMERCIAL BANK VITYAZ LTD. appointed by Bank of Russia Order No. OD-3185, dated 16 November 2015, 'On the Appointment of the Provisional Administration to the Moscow-based Credit Institution COMMERCIAL BANK VITYAZ LTD. or CB VITYAZ LTD. Following Revocation of Its Banking Licence.'

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Publication:Daily the Pak Banker (Lahore, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:4EXRU
Date:Feb 19, 2016
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