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On form for women.

Merrill is introducing its recently patented Q Form design which takes into account the difference of a woman's stride compared to that of a man--across all of its women's footwear for the forthcoming spring 2006 season.

The Q-angle is the angle between the hips and knees, which, in women, is more pronounced thanks to their having a wider pelvis and a lower centre of gravity. The result is that 75 per cent of women tend to strike the outside of the heel when taking a step, which is immediately compensated for by directing weight to the inside of the foot.

Q-Form is a moulded EVA foot frame with three separate degrees of firmness that is designed to gently direct the stride into a more fluid, balanced process that increases comfort and extends the life of the shoe. A separate air cushion softens impact of every footfall.

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Title Annotation:GEAR ESSENTIALS
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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