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On faith.

Donald Miller, the author of the best-selling book Blue Like Jazz (Thomas Nelson), has some definitely postmodern views on faith. His explanation of why he believes in God:

"My belief in Jesus did not seem rational or scientific, and yet there was nothing I could do to separate myself from this belief. I think [my friend] was looking for something rational, because she believed that all things that were true were rational.

"But that isn't the case. Love, for example, is a true emotion, but it is not rational. What I mean is, people actually feel it. I have been in love, plenty of people have been in love, yet love cannot be proved scientifically. Neither can beauty. Light cannot be proved scientifically, and yet we all believe in light and by light see all things.

"There are plenty of things that are true that don't make any sense. I think one of the problems [my friend] was having was that she wanted God to make sense. He doesn't. He will make no more sense to me than I will make sense to an ant."
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Title Annotation:Donald Miller on believes in God
Author:Schlumpf, Heidi
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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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