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On board.


New Smooth Styles

1. Ryan Gallant

2. Stefan Janoski

3. Pete Eldridge

4. Danny Renaud

5. Darrell Stanton

--Matt Broughton, Raleigh, NC

Best Videos

1. Sorry, Flip

2. Public Domain, Powell

3. Photosynthesis, Alien

4. Fucktards, Antihero

5. #1, Consolidated

--Alex David, Los Vegas, NV

Worst Tre Flips (shovel heads)

1. Tyrone Olson

2. Jim Gagne

3. Jerry Fowler

4. Lance Mountain

5. Tony Hawk

--Steve Stabbing, SF, CA

Stair Killers

1. Gareth Stehr

2. Ali Boulala

3. Corey Duffel

4. The Butcher

5. Ragdoll

--Dorren Polak, Aurora, CO

Sick Rock and Roils

1. Jason Adams

2. Darren Navarrette

3. Danger

4. Cab

5. Tony Hawk

--Darren Polak, Aurora, CO

Best Vegetarian Skaters

1. Geoff Rowley

2. Ed Templeton

3. Bob Burnquist

4. The Butcher

5. Kris Markovich

--Dorren Polak, Aurora, CO

Poet's Corner
 Dude, how lame.
 The spot's been knobbed.
 What spot you may ask?
 Your spot,
 the ledge in front of your house.
 Your box. That rail.
 That ledge in front of your house.
 They ain't never coming off,
 not now, not ever
 Best guard your spot gallantly.
 "cause The Man is getting clever.

--Brandon Getty, Stockton, CA

Awful Truth


On Sept 30 at 12:40pm, a bunch of young boys at the Ben Lomond Highlands skatepark near Senior Center were leaving, riding their skateboards at an excessive speed through the small parking lot at the senior center with seniors coming out after lunch. They almost hit two senior citizens. After one of the senior confronted them, they became verbally abusive, using [he P word every other word. One boy stood face to-face will] the senior and continued to use the F word and argue with him. One of the other boys told this boy to come and leave, but to no avail. Finally, the boy left with the other boys. These boys showed no respect for the adults, except one, who said nothing all this time. I suppose his parents taught him respect for adults. I wondered if the parents of these children realize how they are acting; then I decided, of course they do, because that's probably the respect the parents get at home--none Also, why were these children out of school'?--Whiten by Marlene Williams, Boulder Creek, CA; Submitted by Jake Gardner, Santa Cruz, CA

Fired Line:

Dustin Dollin on Trevor Prescott

Age: Probably 30, with a 12-year-old stoner's brain

Birthplace: Probably claims the Tenderloin, somewhere near Andre Nickatina

Nickname: Alien Eyes, Speedy

Home: Somewhere near Nickatina in SF

Sponsors: Dude, like I use to get boards from Invisible, I think?

First Board: I don't need a filmer board (10 minutes later he slammed in a ditch and dropped the camera)

Newest Trick: Benihana finger flip to board break ... dude, don't put that in the KOTR rid, man

Dream Session: I wish I was at EMB, dude

Years Crazy: Does slow count as crazy?

Years Sane: When I stopped taking footy

Advice: Don't go on tour with Dustin or you might get a fictional Firing Line like this one, sucker
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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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