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On board.


Q: What's the difference between a bowling ball and a rollerblader?

A: You can't get a pitch fork to stick in a bowling ball.

--Max Samsides, Knoxville, TN


Sick Companies

1. Adrenalin

2. Anti-Hero

3. Consolidated

4. Natural Koncept

5. Illenium

--Jay Monson, LA

Great Front Crooks

1. Scott Johnston (OG Hubba)

2. Mike Carroll

3. Applebutters

4. Harmony

5. Alaska Jerry

--Parker Conant, SF

Tricks not as hard as you think

1. Fakie tre flips

2. Fake ollie backside tailslides

3. Nollie big spins

4. Switch heelflips

5. Frontside half-Cab kickflips

--Tony Nelsons, Groton, CT

Tricks that are really hard

1. Regular hardflips

2. Any inward heelflip

3. Switch tre flips

4. Switch backside tailslides

5. Any vert trick

--Tony Nelsons, Groton, CT

Not-likely comebacks

1. Gator

2. Anthony Oglesby

3. Frankie Hill

4. Claus Grabke

5. Ryan Fabre

--Andy Topher, Aimes, IA



Toehead on his skateboard Threads through a crowd of feet and faces delayed to a slow stupidity. Darts, doubles, twists. You notice how nimbly the body, itself has learned to assess, the relation between the board, pedestrians, and immediate sidewalk. Emblem, emblem of fashion. Wearing dirty white in dishevelment as delicate as the falling draperies on a dandyish Renaissance Saint. Chain around his waist. One hand gloved. Hair dyed to show it is dyed, pale flame spiking from fuel. Toehead on a skateboard perfecting himself: emblem extraordinary of the ordinary. In the sexless face eyes innocent of feeling therefore suggest spirit

--Dan Hutchison, Miami, FL


SKATEBOARDER HALT DENVER AIRPORT DENVER (AP) - Passenger screening at Denver International Airport was shut down for about an hour while officials tried to determine whether a teenager running the wrong way on an escalator had evaded security checks. Officials confirmed the teen had just gotten off a flight from New York's LaGuardia Airport and had not breached security. Passenger screening resumed by 6 p.m. Friday. Authorities finally found the teen skateboarding on the platform for the trains that take passengers between the terminal and departure gates. The boy's name was not released. Authorities were considering whether to file disorderly conduct charges. Long lines of holiday travelers formed at the screening stations during the wait.

--AP wire service


1. Oliver Rivas

2. Rodrigo Lima

3. Dylan Reider

4. Greg Myers

5. Crystal Solomon

6. Ben Gore

7. Van Wastell

8. Jeremiah Vance

9. Alexis Sablone

10. Jon Choi

11. Julian Quevedo

12. Daryl Angel

13. Casey Rigney

14. Jordan Hoffart

15. Victor Fonosch

16. Austin Seaholm

17. Gizmo

18. John White

19. Alexandra White

20. Danny Cerezini

--Crystal Solomon, Powder Springs, GA


DOB: 6.12.76

Shoe: 13

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 187

Years skating: 16

Inspiration: Sun

Curb or ledge: Ledge

Ice cream: Rocky Road

Wheels: 52mm

First good axe: Steadham mini, OJIIs

Country: Australia

Tunes: GBV, Sonic Youth, Interpol

Book: Another Country, James Baldwin

Movie: Raising Arizona

Spot: Brooklyn Banks, five years deep

Skaters: Cardiel, Marcus McBride, Mike Carroll, Stefan Janoski, Hosoi

Wisdom: When I grow up, I want to be me
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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