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On board.


DOB: 7/18/7

Height: Five-nine

Shoe: Nine

Stance: Regs

First Board: Used John Grigley

Music for skating: Depends on my mood, but usually beats for street and Metallica for indoor parks

Dream session: Me, my brother (Soti), and our friends Wayne and Brandon. That's how I started

What sucks about skating: There's a lot of things. Egos, repetitiveness--it's what you make of it

What's great: Friends, fun, seeing new things--it's what you make of it

Who's on top: Dustin Dollin and Bob Burnquist seem to be able to do whatever they want on skateboards

Latest trick: Ollie

Describe yourself: Quiet. I keep to myself

Five years from now: Skating and having fun

Favorite spots: The Minneapolis government center

Best slam: Split my eye open in Tampa. It felt like the ground punched me back into standing up

Early hero: Guy Mariano

POET'S CORNER</p> <pre> Just go, don't think about it Feel the speed pick up, grip it, there I go The board has a mind of its own Sometimes it's uncontrollable, like a cat on catnip, This time it doesn't Pavement, here it is at my face Pants are ripped like shreds Arm and leg are gashed Oh it burns like an endless fire that will never stop, There are guys everywhere I want to cry as much as the world But I can't, I would look like such a poser or even worse, A girly gift who just came there to check out guys, Band-aids So many I can't even count I feel stupid for falling, that was an easy ride As easy as a pedal down a fiat street

But I got so rattled by my antagonist brother Lets go, I have to, Can't back down Just go, Feel the rush in your stomach, like a knot, A knot that just won't go away Too late for the nerves to go away I have to do this, Can't stop in the middle of it On the pavement, As solid as my morals I made it, A clap from one of my friends Just what I needed, some encouragement That felt as good as jumping into the pool on a 90-degree day, The taste in my mouth was sweet, It's as sweet as fresh strawberries from fanta, I still have the scars They are going to be there for life They stick out on my leg and arm Like a red hat in a crowd, They are just there Can't do anything about them This experience has made me grow Not only as a girl skateboarding But in life just as much. --Stephanie Abdulmajid, Lake Oswego, OR </pre> <p>FIVE

Midwest Marauders

1. Ernie Torres

2. Dennis Busenitz

3. Clint Peterson

4. Jon Allie

5. Steve Nesser

--Andy Wright, LA, CA

Carlsbad Wish List

1. Nollie tre

2. Fakie tre

3. Inward heelflip

4. Switch frontside 360

5. Full-Cab kickflip

--MJ, Portland, OR


A girl went to dinner at a guy's house. The dishes were filthy. "They're as clean as soap and water could get them," he explained. She felt apprehensive, but started eating. When dinner was over, the guy took the dishes and yelled, "Here Soap! Here Water!"

--Ryan Foust, Tulsa, OK
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Date:May 1, 2006
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