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On another level; Game on.

BT's broadband games portal Games Domain are organising a big-money online tournament, and it's free to enter. If you fancy your chances at Wolfenstein 3D, Counter Strike, Speed Chess or FIFA 2002, register at www. gamesdomain. co. uk.

THEY said it could never be done, but Konami have released a fishing game for the GameBoy Advance. ESPN Great Outdoor Sports Bass Fishing is a two-dimensional sideways scrolling rendition of classics like Sega Bass Fishing. There's no rod peripheral so it lacks the feel of other fishing games, but it's bound to find its way into your tackle box.

JOWOOD'S Aquanox for PC is a water-based shoot-'em-up designed to make specific use of nVidia's GeForce3 graphics technology, and it really looks the part.

It's essentially an arcade flight simulator, with plenty to shoot at. But it takes more than eye-popping graphics to make a great game, and it's sadly lacking in plot and original gameplay.

For for sheer eye candy, though, your pounds 29.99 is worth it.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 24, 2002
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