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On a cautionary note.

In his 1946 book, "Walther Pistols," W.H.B. Smith advises against using the P38 safety to drop the hammer. He explains that, while engaging the safety of the Walther HP, predecessor of the P38, moves the firing pin away from hammer contact before dropping the hammer, the simplified design of the P38 safety allows the hammer to strike the firing pin, risking fracture of the safety stem and unintended discharge. A further hazard-avoidance practice: When reassembling the P38, be damned certain to replace the separable locking block!

Gordon Jackson

San Diego, CA


Nothing makes for an eyecatching cover more than a new .45 auto even a non-1911 specimen like HK's Mk23, which graced the January 1996 issue. With its large triggerguard, threaded barrel and no-nonsense appearance, the pistol's "special ops" pedigree was never in doubt.

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Author:Jackson, Gordon
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Date:Jun 19, 2012
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