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On a Train in Winter.

Once I met my mother on a train
approaching Syracuse
She stood across from me
in the doorway connecting the train cars
and as the train
lurched and slammed
and ground its metal
we hung on to whatever we could
to keep our balance
I remember that we wondered
if the train was ever going to stop
at our station and that must have been
when I saw her eyes--the
clear blue eyes
I have always known

There are over seven billion people
on the earth and all the walls
that have ever been built
are only temporary constructions
They keep us out of the weather
and make us believe
there are opposite sides
and that we are not traveling
As the winter sun washed
over us there--finally together
in that moment, it occured to me
that she was traveling alone
and I could feel how worried she was
about not knowing
where she was going
I could see the lines
on her face had deepened
and she was thinner and taller
than 1 remembered
and she could have been
any human being
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Author:Morling, Malena
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 1, 2018
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