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1777: The Stars and Stripes flag was adopted by the Continental Congress in AmericaThe American flag has come through a course of changes. In fact it has been changed 27 times from 1777 to 1960. However, after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the people realised they needed one flag to replace all the different ones. The first Stars and Stripes flag was regarded as the national flag of the USA in 1977 with the recognition of the Continental Congress in the year after the nation's independence. The flag showed 13 stars - one for each of the states in the USA at the time. The resolution adopted wasn't specific about the appearance of the flag, only that it should have 13 stripes - alternate red and white white and 13 stars in a blue field. The lack of specification resulted in many variations of the flag.

Also on this day: Cromwell's Parliamentariansdefeated the Royalists under Prince Rupert, defending King Charles I at the battle of Naseby, Northamptonshire; 1755: Dr Johnson's Dictionary went on sale; 1800: The Battle of Marengo, in North-west Italy, ended with Napoleon and the French army crushing the Austrians during the French Revolutionary Wars; 1917: The first German bombs dropped by planes as opposed to Zeppelins killed over 100 and injured 400 people in London's East End; 1964: Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment.
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