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On This Day; ... 75 YEARS AGO.

01A CAR collided with a pony pulling a milk float in St James Place. The horse broke loose as milk bottles rolled about the road and nearby children scattered to safety. A pedestrian managed to gain control of the animal before it ran any further. The driver of the float suffered arm injuries.

03INCENDIARY and high explosive bombs were dropped by Nazi planes in one of the most intense series of attacks yet launched on England. RAF aerodromes were thought to be the key targets as the raids ranged from Yorkshire down to the Thames. Six people were injured and a house was set alight.

04AN ANFIELD woman unsuccessfully appealed over the divorce court's refusal to grant a separation on cruelty grounds. Despite claims of being punched by her husband, the board said these were 'mixed up with provocation on the part of the wife' and were not to be treated 'too seriously'.

06OFFERINGS to the Lord Mayor of Liverpool's War Fund shot up following the events of Dunkirk. In less than a week, more than PS3,600 was sent to the Town Hall and to the depot in Lord Street. It helped towards the target of PS5,000 for a new service club at the Angel Hotel.

09EIGHT men appeared in Liverpool Assizes as part of an alleged conspiracy to steal goods from the docks. All bar one were accused of stealing bacon and hams. The prosecution said the haul was part of the ration supplies of the Ministry of Food and amounted in value to hundreds of pounds.

02A REGULAR on Merseyside's rugby scene was killed in action in France. Captain Bruce E Thornton, who lived in London but had family in Aigburth, was 23 years old. He was a member of the Territorials and was thought killed when dashing into the open to retrieve a Bren gun.

05THE Rialto and Hippodrome promised Adventure! Drama! Romance! with Claudette Colbert and Henry Fonda in Drums Along the Mohawk (in Technicolor). It featured the two stars as settlers on the New York frontier during the American revolution and was a smash hit.

07TJ HUGHES offered weekend bargains for men and boys. A London merchant's entire stock of socks, underwear and knitwear was at special prices while men's sports trousers were 6'11. A boys' two-piece sports suit 'in belted back style with pleated pockets in summer grey shade' was 9'11.

08A MAN brought a libel action to Liverpool Assizes after he alleged he had been falsely described as German to his clients.

London-based Leslie Becker sued a man he said had gone to his customers saying that he was a foreign alien under police supervision. Mr Becker was born in Balham.

10 SCHOOLCHILDREN from Dingle and Wavertree were pictured enjoying Colomendy School Camp. Lessons were held in the hut classrooms then the boys worked the potato patch while the girls took morris dance lessons.

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Jun 6, 2015
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