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On The Latest episode of 'Broad City,' Abbi and Ilana's Love Lives Come Into Sharp Focus.

As uzhe, I watched Broad City pre-dawn and it was semi-melancholic, not only because life's been tough lately (last weekend, my little boy asserted "I hate you" for the first time, and while he hasn't any idea what that means, me got sad). It also didn't help that I had semi-obsessively listened to Dire Straits' "Romeo and Juliet," one of the all-time best love songs, which might have something to do with how affected I was by the newfound depth and complexity of the show's characters.

There was an honesty of emotion on display in this latest episode, "Burning Bridges." Lincoln ends things with Ilana, and Abbi humiliates Trey, by accident, natch, since malice and she are completely unrelated. Consider Abbi. Trey asks her on a real date, with clothes on and conversation and everything, and she's hard-pressed to say "no" though she evidently wants to. Forthrightnessnot her forte. Her ambivalence is a mixture of refusing to recognize her own developing crush and her embarrassment that he's the object of her desire; though he's sweet, his intermittent dorkiness casts a shadow. (We've all been there, amirite?) Abbi's a little tortured by that bit of her own superficiality. What's more, she hasn't told Ilana about Trey, not since they first shared a kiss while sitting on yoga balance balls at Soulstice after getting drunk on Kombucha (a scene which suggest perhaps Abbi herself is not entirely dork-free). But why hasn't she told Ilana? Is it embarrassment? Or fear of upending the balance between them?

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Author:Ivry, Sara
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Apr 7, 2016
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