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On Sukkot, an Annual Pilgrimage to an Amusement Park.

On Monday, October 13, one of the intermediate days of Sukkot, somewhere between 9,000 and 12,000 mostly Orthodox Jews will gather at Hershey Park. The event is an important fundraiser for a number of Jewish organizations, including the Lancaster Mikvah Association, but it also provides a window into the lives of Orthodox Jews in America.

Each year on #JewDay, as it is known on Twitter, the park offers a day of rides, Jewish entertainment, and unparalleled opportunity for conversation and games of Jewish Geography. This year will be a little different from years past. The event typically takes place on the first day of Chol Hamoed, the holiday's intermediate period, but this year's overlap with Columbus Day means there will be many coming early on Sunday evening to preview activities at the park.

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Author:Troy, Tevi
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Oct 8, 2014
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