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On Point announces TLC Improvements.

On Point, Inc. has announced that its TLC (Total Library Computerization) library automation software system has been updated with Instant Web Publishing (IWP), a revised MARC interface, and new end-user benefits.

Instant Web Publishing

According to the company, TLC is Webready with IWP when it's shipped. The only other things needed to put a library catalog on the Web are a connection to the Internet and a copy of FileMaker Pro database software. The company has also added a second Web option for TLC-Web pages designed for use with FileMaker, Inc.'s Custom Web Publishing (CWP) feature. The result is that it will be easier to modify the appearance of a library's Web pages. The other advantage is that users can click on live links when they appear in the TLC catalog records that are retrieved on the Web. With IWP, Internet addresses or URLs were merely informational text that users could select and copy to open a Web page. Now that TLc offers CWP, any active URL can be clicked to go directly to the page referenced.

MARC Interface

TLC's MARC interface has a new look and also is easier to customize for down-loaded MARC bibliographic records. The conversion program has itself been converted to a 32-bit Windows application. TLC has been a Windows/Macintosh solution since 1996, but the MARC interface remained a DOS program until now. Librarians will find initial set-up procedures facilitated by clickable buttons offering easy-to-understand selections.

According to the announcement, the company has added a second benefit to this program. TLC's ORDERS module has a new program that imports fields extracted from the same downloaded MARC records. It functions similarly to the import program in CATALOG, but is concerned only with those fields that are needed for your acquisition records in TLC's ORDERS module. This means that, by running the MARC interface one time, you can extract information that will ease the creation of records in both CATALOG and ORDERS.

End-User Benefits

A button that sends a message to the librarian has been available to patrons on TLC's mini-menus for quite a while. This feature has been enhanced to permit an end-user who locates the record of an item to click a button, automatically generating an e-mail message to the librarian and requesting the specific item on the screen.

TLC has a new program that permits librarians to e-mail current-awareness and other subject bibliographies to users having special interests. To do this as programmed, users need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to produce a PDF file. Two steps are required: First, in CATALOG, a subject bibliography is prepared. When you print the bibliography, however, it creates an electronic file (via Acrobat PDFWriter) instead of hard copy. The second part of the procedure automatically attaches the file containing the bibliography to e-mail directed to all users who have indicated an interest in that subject. Librarians can write an e-mail message to accompany the file, or leave it blank if preferred. Users can read the bibliography in their browser or with Adobe Reader (available free at Adobe's Web site).

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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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