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On Nigerian leaders and promises.

Our political leaders must justify the people's confidence by striving to fulfill their promises to the people. It is by fulfilling the promises that the government and governance will be meaningful to them.

We need to reiterate that fundamental issues affecting the country such as-poor power supply (which has not been fixed by successive governments) unemployment, conflict and strife, herdsmen attacks, ethnic clashes, insurgency, kidnappings and corruption, among others, should be given prompt attention for us to have a good sense of belonging.

The government needs to do its best to ensure that it wins the war against corruption. Corruption would disappear or reduce drastically if we all abide by the rules of the game. Also, all efforts should be put in place by the nation's economic team to revamp the economy and for the creation of the enabling environment for business to thrive.

Nigerian political leaders and their followers need to turn from their wicked ways and evils that they are committing; they tell lies under oath and trust in deceitful works. They make promises and break them and worship gods, they need to turn a new leaf to avoid the judgment day.

The challenges facing Nigerians demand a lot of sacrifices as well as the collective efforts of both the leaders and the led. They need to make the fear of the future the bedrock of their dealing with the people so that peace and prosperity will prevail in the land.

The truth must be told, governance is a huge task. So, whosoever is aspiring should know the burden that awaits them in future. Position of authority is a position of service. Many leaders were given staff of office for their people to secure confidence but instead of relieving the pains of their people, they remove the soothing. Leaders should understand that no matter how long, there is an end to everything and posterity will judge.

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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Date:Apr 19, 2018
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