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On CLASS and ambulance chasers.

How can you recognize Sen. Kennedy and Rep. DeWine for something that has not happened and cannot go into effect until mid-next decade [the CLASS Act] and may not happen then? There are many other people that could be recognized for a life time of contribution including M. Powell Lawton, PhD, who headed up years of research at the Philadelphia Geriatric Center.

You also have no idea the damage to skilled nursing facilities and CCRCs that was caused by the "ambulance chasing" lawyers in Florida. Insurance rates were not just a little high; the average 120-bed nursing home insurance rates were $800,000. Per year. The better nursing home operators sold their facilities and left the state. CCRCs' rates were $1.2 million per year and higher. The dollar awards did not go to a resident that may have been injured, but for the legal fees that were awarded separate in the judgments. If one dollar or more was awarded to the plaintiff then the full legal fees billed were also awarded under Florida law at that time. These laws have subsequently been changed. The legal fees ran from $200,000 to $400,000 and more per case. I have been told by some industry professionals that history may find the ambulance chasing lawyers in Florida to be recognized for being the biggest leeches on long-term care. Maybe that does make them among the most influential. I would hope that people would be recognized for their positive influence and not their negative influence.

Jack L. Bowersox

Life Wellness Communities Development Company, LLC, Largo, Florida

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Title Annotation:Letters to the editor
Author:Bowersox, Jack L.
Publication:Long-Term Living
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Date:Mar 1, 2011
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