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Omniactive launches hot red pepper weight management ingredient.

OmniActive Health Technologies, Inc., a supplier of active nutritional ingredients, has announced the launch of a proprietary blend of Capsimax, its capsicum or hot red pepper ingredient. Capsimax Plus Blend is a combination of natural ingredients including Capsimax Capsicum Fruit Extract, and has been clinically proven to increase the amount of calories burned before, during and after exercise by 12 times. Other ingredients in Capsimax Plus Blend include the thermogenic and performance-boosting agents caffeine and black pepper extract, as well as niacin (vitamin B-3), necessary for converting food into energy. Capsimax Plus Blend was the subject of a recent double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled crossover study conducted by the Biophysics Laboratory, Department of Health and Exercise Science at the University of Oklahoma to research its effect on calorie burning in exercising individuals. Researchers found that when subjects took Capsimax Plus Blend one hour prior to exercising on a treadmill, they burned three times more calories before, 3% more calories during, and 12 times more calories for up to an hour after exercise compared with when they took a placebo. This increase in metabolic rate resulted in an average cumulative total of 278 more calories burned before, during and after exercise compared with a placebo.

"In the weight loss and athletic performance categories, products containing ingredients with no science to support their calorie-burning claims are all-too-common," stated Jayant Deshpande, PhD, VP of research and development for OmniActive Health Technologies, Ltd, "OmniActive is pleased to offer manufacturers a high quality, clinically researched ingredient like Capsimax Plus Blend to help their customers achieve their diet or weight management goals." The weight loss and calorie-burning benefits of the active principles in hot red peppers--capsaicinoids and capsicum extracts--have been proven to be effective options for nutritional supplements aimed at regulating diet and supporting weight management programmes. However, many unprotected delivery forms of capsicum have been found to cause users intense discomfort in the mouth, throat or stomach owing to the pungency and natural heatgiving component of red peppers. The extract used in Capsimax Plus Blend is microencapsulated using OmniActive's patented OmniBead vegetarian beadletting technology, which delivers functionally effective levels of capsaicinoids while minimizing the oral and gastric irritation that unprotected capsicum can cause (

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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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