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The DEA Omega, a moving bridge-type machine with internal air conditioning and thermal compensation provides a further enhanced accuracy capability for measuring larger components.

Omega will cater for table loads of up to three tons within itss measuring strokes of 2.5 m in X, 1.5 m in Y and 1.3 m in Z. Within this large measuring volume, an accuracy of five microns and a rapid traversing velocity of 17"/sec is attainable.

This capability to travel through the measuring volume with high acceleration and deceleration rates significantly reduces the time to measure larger components or multiple fixturing of smaller parts.

To enhance the accuracy and provide a solution to the growing number of DEA customers seeking to install its measuring machines on the shop floor, the Italian company has introduced a climatization system for the aluminium bridge structure. This is also circulated within the internal volume of the steel welded structure that supports the granite table.

When combined with a system of software compensation routines. Omega is able to maintain its accuracy capability even with thermal gradients of 8 [degrees] C over an eight hour period

Being of the latest generation of CMMs, incorporating an aluminium superstructure it has the dynamic advantages of light weight yet, is extremely rigid, resists any torsional errors over such a large span and the bridge's center-of-gravity is located directly over the transmission system.

The moving design greatly simplifies the manipulation of components to the measuring table. Access can be gained to three sides of the granite base without any hinderance or risk of damage to the superstructure of the machine from lifting equipment normally required for such large comonent types.

Sources of heat, which can influence thermal growth and hence errors are located outside the machine structure. Any local temperature movements that could influence the machine structure can be detected by a "daisy chain" of strategically mounted thermal sensors. These sensors acquire data for "Real-Time" compensation in the control software.

Five-way probe head, Renishaw PH9 or PH10 probe Autotool changer and a rotary table can be specified to provide an additional axis. Omega can be easily interfaced into a cell or manufacturing system to complement machine tools and is able to provide error feedback and collate SPC data.
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Title Annotation:Digital Electronic Automation Inc. coordinate measuring machine
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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