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Omega-3 enriched foods can now claim heart health benefits.

The JHCI (Joint Health Claims Initiative) earlier this month formally endorsed the importance of long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC Omega-3 PUFAs) for cardiovascular health. This comes as welcome news to leading provider Nu-Mega Ingredients, whose microencapusulated LC Omega-3 PUFA, extracted from pure tuna oil, can be added to food at the high dosage now being recommended, without any change to flavour or consistency.

As result of this endorsement, the JHCI has approved the following claim to appear on all omega-3 enriched foods:

"Eating 3g weekly, or 0.45g daily, long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, as part of a healthy lifestyle, helps maintain heart health."

Says Jerry Luff, from Nu-Mega Ingredients, "This groundbreaking claim takes away the ambiguity about which omega-3 is important for overall cardiovascular health, and confirms that fish oil is the best source. The most efficient natural source of pre-formed DHA and EPA is oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, herring, salmon and fresh tuna. Tuna oil is particularly beneficial because it contains a five to one ratio of DHA to EPA, which is similar to the ratio found in human breast milk."

The FSA recommends people eat one portion of oily fish a week for heart health, yet comment that 74% of the population never eat oily fish. Other research clearly shows that people want foods that enhance health, and specifically heart, brain and eye benefits provided by omega-3s, and they also want to receive those benefits through food rather than supplements.

Says Jerry, "This claim is also a great innovation opportunity for food manufacturers and retailers alike. Apart from highlighting the technical viability of Nu-Megas' microencapsulated tuna oil and our ability to add value to a vast range of products, the new claim on packaging will help consumers make the link between omega-3-enriched foods and heart health, encouraging them to purchase." Nu-Mega Ingredients' microencapsulated omega-3 Nu-Mega Ingredients is an award winner for innovation and is the western hemisphere's main provider of microencapsulated Omega-3 DHA, now supplying in the UK. Nu-Mega has the necessary expertise to enrich a product with the most healthy form of this essential fatty acid, without changing quality, texture or taste, but adding value and a point of difference.

Contact Nu-Mega Ingredients on tel: 01223 393514 or visit
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