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Omega products.

Larry Kelly, the genial genius behind Mag-na-port and Pro-port recoil reducing systems for rifles, handguns and shotguns, is also one of the premier handgun hunters in the United States. Larry has taken numerous trophies in North America as well as in Africa, all with handguns of various calibers and persuasions ranging from six-guns to single shots.

With that kind of experience behind him you just know that he is on top of what he handgun hunter wants and needs. Through his Omega Sales and C-More Sight divisions Larry offers numerous options that replace factory sights on Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Interarms Virginian revolvers.

Under the C-More label Kelly offers both ramp and Partridge style front sight blades of DuPont Acetel, a substance that is extremely durable. They are also offered in five vivid colors to suit virtually any hunting condition or background; blue, green, pink, red and yellow. Unlike home-brewed substitutes, such as a smidge of nail polish on the front blade, these sights can take it. Even if they are abraded the color underneath is still the same. A set of five lists for $14.95 postpaid.

Under the Omega Sales logo, Mag-na-port offers rear sight blades in a variety of options for either the hunter or the silhouette shooter. Replacement rear blades feature the ever-popular white outline that most shooters feel is a must. These are available for Colt, Ruger and Virginian single action arms.

A unique "Maverick" peep sight is also available. This can be had as a plain peep, or with one or two horizontal white lines inlaid on either side of the peep. These lines enable you to have two sighting rangers instantly available, certainly a plus for the big game hunter or silhouette shooter. Prices are $5.95 for the plain peep and $6.95 for the Rangefinder with either one or two white line inserts. The Omega white outline sight blade lists for $5.95 postpaid.

For Ruger single action fans Omega also offers a trigger spring that is designed to lighten the stock trigger pull. This replacement spring fits all New Model Rugers from .22 to .44 Magnum. It is priced at $7.20, a moderate expenditure for a poor man's trigger job.

For further information contact: Mag-na-port Arms, Dept. GA, 30016 S. River Road, Mt. Clemens, MI 48045.
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Date:Apr 1, 1984
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