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Omega Piezo damage alert system.


Omega Piezo Technologies Inc. has manufactured a damage prevention system for use in wood grinding equipment.

* Based on issued and pending patents, the Damage Alert System senses vibration from unwanted metal objects that enter the wood grinder and prevents severe damage by shutting the grinder down and/or reversing the material feeding system.

* System sensitivity can be adjusted to allow pass-through objects and eliminate nuisance shut downs.

* The system can be installed by using a magnetic clamping mechanism. Once installed, the sensitivity of the Damage Alert System is manually adjusted using the red and green LED indicators. As debris is moved through the machine, the sensitivity level is fine-tuned to detect damaging debris of a prescribed size. The system is then set to the "arm" mode for continuous operation and protection, according to a news release from the manufacturer.

* The Damage Alert System was designed for horizontal wood grinders used in construction and demolition operations.

Visit or call (814) 861-4160 for more information.
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