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Omega Engineering.


The new FW1000 series is a low-cost, minimally invasive series of wedge flow sensors. The unit offers high accuracy and repeatability with no required inlet or outlet straight plumbing. The design allows users to install the meter in any full pipe orientation (horizontal, vertical or inverted).

Mounting N/A

End Fittings Flanged Mounting Base

Media Type N/A

Flow Rate 0.5 to 15 GPM (1.9 to 57 LPM) Full-Scale

Oper. Temp 76[degrees]C (170[degrees]F)

Key Features

* This CE--compliant series is offered with several flow ranges to accommodate the typical requirements in process water applications

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Title Annotation:SpecCheck/Flowmeters
Publication:Product Design & Development
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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