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Oman: E-Marine establishes cable depot at Port of Salalah.

E-Marine PJSC, the UAE based submarine cable solution provider, has announced their new state-of-the-art cable depot in Port of Salalah, in the Sultanate of Oman is completed and ready for operation. This cable depot consists of eight submarine cable storage tanks, providing a large capacity for submarine cable storage and accessories, office space and general storage.

E-Marine's extensive Salalah facility is designed to provide secure storage for sensitive equipment for its customers and the company is inviting clients to visit there new state of the art facility in Port of Salalah to witness the facility offerings. "This strategic location of cable depot in the Port Of Salalah enhances E-marine's services in the Western Indian Ocean, East Africa and the Red Sea," said Mr. Omar Bin Kalban, Managing Director and CEO of E-marine PJSC. "We are committed to offering the highest levels of service, and the quality of this facility will greatly support our crews in servicing the regions' telecommunications and petrochemical companies, as well as local governments."

E-marine will locate one cable ship with a ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) at the Port of Salalah to address the existing and growing demand for maintenance services in the region. The depot will not only provide additional storage space for cables and spares but will also improve operational efficiencies due to the customized design and high-tech facilities.

"This strategic location helps to reduce the sailing time and allow E-Marine to reach the farthest point in the region, quickly. Meantime submarine cable network owners will benefit from reduced restoration and repair costs, reduced downtime on their network, and improved cable network service availability," Mr. Omar continued.

E-marine owns three Cable Ships and One Barge which are equipped with state of the art equipments. Cable Ship Etisalat is a medium-sized cable ship which is designed to operate in shallow waters. Cable Ship NIWA and Cable Ship Umm Al Amber are large cable ships which can operate for longer periods at sea. Barge, WASEL is designed to play a vital role in shallow water operations to provide support for diving, survey, shore end cable landings and ROV deployment activities. All of these vessels are equipped with the latest Survey, Navigation equipment and Cable Management Systems.

E-Marine's was founded in early 1984, and today the company has over 22 years' experience in the deployment and maintenance of submarine cables. E-Marine services more than 30,000km of submarine cable from Red sea, Arabian Gulf to Indian Ocean. The strategic location of E-Marine facilities as well as its customized solutions, coupled with its highly competent professionals makes E-Marine, the leader for submarine cable installation, maintenance, repair and storage services.

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Date:Jun 8, 2008
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