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Om Productions LLC Launches New Reality TV Series "Sacred Spaces" with Filming of Pilot Episode in Chicago.

Chicago, IL, December 27, 2011 --( Designer and builder Cary Weldy has developed a successful career in creating some of the most amazing homes and commercial spaces in America. His design and construction experience culminated into multiple appearances on Home and Garden Television (HGTV), including hosting a 30-minute episode of My Big Amazing Renovation. With a new vision, Weldy has created an innovative reality TV series called Sacred SpacesTM under his production company Om Productions, LLC, partnering with multi-Emmy Award-winning producers David Moravec and Mike Torchia of Kinzie Street Studios LLC, a Chicago-based production company, and Reid Davis of Entertainment Concepts International to distribute and syndicate the new TV series.

Weldy explains, “We have brought together an award-winning team with a successful track record and a powerful reality TV show concept that we are betting to be a blockbuster success. Each episode will be exciting, with a different location and new set of challenges, where I perform an Energy MakeoverTM on the place and its inhabitants using the science-based principles of the masters of energy, transforming lives in the process. This new series will be entertaining and continually surprising, with practical energy tips that viewers can use in their homes and businesses. I'm proud to be filming in Chicago, and we are nearing the completion of the filming for our first episode in the series. The pilot features a restaurant in Chicago, and this episode will be both highly entertaining and thought-provoking.”

Weldy continues, “One of the attractive components to Sacred Spaces is that we own the content. That opens up many opportunities for our sponsors and advertisers, and audiences will love how we develop the series in this season and for years to come. We have also created an innovative way for high net worth investors, wealth managers, and private equity groups to receive significant deductions for investments, as well as enjoy state income tax credits. Our investors are excited about this new TV series for multiple reasons.”

When Congress extended Section 181 of the Internal Revenue Code, it marked an unprecedented change in national policy towards the “Runaway Production” phenomenon, where film or television productions leave a state or the country to film in other locations for economic reasons, minimizing production costs through tax incentives and lower labor costs, in some cases. Section 181 permits a 100% write-off of production expenses for certain audio-visual works. Weldy explains, “We will also be utilizing as many state tax credits as possible, which range from 15-42%, for the best interest of our shareholders. Interested parties should consult with their tax advisors and other consultants to identify how such an investment will benefit the investor.”

“People are hungry for something real in their lives,” says Weldy. “We have entered a critical time in our evolution, where the emphasis is moving from the material world to the energetic world. Mankind is witnessing this important shift in every industry and technology on our planet. Essentially, we are catching up with what has always been around us.”

Om Productions, LLC has partnered with Kinzie Street Studios, LLC, the production company of record for Sacred Spaces. David Moravec and Michael Torchia, who founded Kinzie Street Studios, LLC, were successful business partners with Pixel Brothers and EZ3 Media. Moravec's extensive career began in film, having worked on well-known productions such as The Blues Brothers. The Emmy Award-winning principals have worked with nearly every television network and many cable networks, producing for The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Jerry Springer Show, The Steve Wilkos Show, Chicago White Sox, and Chicago Black Hawks Hockey. Most recently, the team produced the successful 26-episode, half-hour reality show Treasure Hunters Roadshow, a hit TV series that become a commercial success. Other credits include 60 Minutes, Amazing Race, Oprah's Book Club, Good Morning America, Farm Aid with Willie Nelson, and Michael Moore's The Awful Truth.

Attached to this production, Reid Davis, President and CEO of Entertainment Concepts International, heads up distribution and syndication efforts. With over 30 years of global TV industry experience, Reid has an extensive background in general management, broadcast start-ups, worldwide television distribution, content creation, acquisitions, program rights negotiations and licensing, production, programming, program development, and syndication. His early syndication career included tenure as a Vice President for notable companies, including Lorimar Television, where he helped launch hit series such as Dallas, Tic Tac Dough, Jokers Wild, and The Muppet Show. He also served as VP/General Manager at KDOC-TV in Los Angeles, where he significantly increased revenues and ratings.

As co-Founder and President of Local Television Network, the first television network in the U.S. exclusively delivering local programming to the 18-34 demographic, Davis raised millions in investment capital and managed over 150 employees, while creating and producing eight weekly series and a daily half-hour news show. Davis co-created and syndicated over 100 episodes of Planet X, a series that pioneered action and extreme sports globally, and achieved a 94% U.S. coverage weekly with Home Team, a one-hour home makeover show. Other successful ventures included The Club House, a hit golf series, and Box Office America, a weekly half-hour premier Hollywood insiders news program. Most recently, Reid co-created, co-produced, and distributed the multi-award-winning weekly hit television series, Treasure Hunter's Roadshow, syndicating it to over 89 million TV households in its first season.

Cary Weldy graduated with a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, a top-ranked engineering school in the United States. Explains Weldy, “I approach most things with a skeptical eye, because I want to know the scientific principles behind these kind of concepts. It can be easy to believe in something without understanding why and how something works, especially when it comes to Feng Shui, psychic phenomenon, spirit energy, Sacred Geometry, or any of the vibrational energy sciences. Sacred Spaces will bring energy to reality.”

“The emotional, mental, and physical well-being of each person is more important to me than how 'cool' his or her space is,” explains Weldy. “Anyone can make a space 'hip'. Just flip through the trendy design and architecture magazines and copy something from it. But can you create something that is actually healing, nurturing, and energizing for people? This is the new green.”

Weldy worked for Fortune 500 companies, including GE and Ashland, for twelve years before launching Cary Weldy LLC, his successful interior design and build firm. Self-taught in interior design and construction, his innovative work throughout the United States has been featured in print media and on HGTV over the last six years. Based in Chicago, Weldy has worked on projects nationwide, including a penthouse in the Four Seasons in Austin, Texas, and a high-end nightclub in Montana. He recently completed the design and renovation of the 7,000 square-foot penthouse in the Trump Tower of Chicago, the highest residence on six continents.

Cary Weldy has been studying various healing modalities around the country since 1991, including certifications in Polarity Energy work, QiGong, Reconnective Therapy with Herwig Schoen, and advanced Pranic Healing with Master Co. Having incorporated the Divine Ratio in his design and architecture with clients for a number of years, Cary became increasingly interested in how energy moves through a space, and why the masters of art and architecture used vibrational energy techniques to transform a space, examining how biology subsequently reacts to shifts in subtle energy. In 2009, he apprenticed and studied shamanism under Peter Calhoun, a well-known shaman and author published by Hay House, to learn how to work with energy using various traditional Native American and other shamanistic techniques.

Weldy's collective studies in vibrational energy work, bioenergetics, Sacred Geometry, energetic geometry, and multiple healing modalities over the last 20 years have resulted in his passion to transform energy, establishing a new standard for design and architecture. Weldy has developed Divine LivingTM, his consumer brand focused on energy transformation that will be offered on his website ( and other distribution channels under development. Based in Chicago, Weldy also consults with companies to transform their products and spaces energetically, helping them to create new brands that not only look good, but feel good to their customers.

Weldy notes, “Not anyone can host this type of show. One must truly have a deep knowledge and experience in the principles of how subtle energy moves, how to create and transform energy, and clearly understand why the application of those principles can affect the biology of an environment and its inhabitants. If you discuss energy on a shallow basis, you get shallow results. If you explore energy more deeply, then the results are more profound. For thousands of years, the masters of energy, including Michelangelo, da Vinci, Plato, Vitruvius, and even the architects of the Great Pyramids in Giza knew how to transform energy, but they kept these principles secret, for a number of reasons. Now, I'm bringing this ancient wisdom and hidden knowledge back.”

The TV series for Sacred Spaces is targeted for the fall launch in 2012, with 26 half-hour episodes planned for its first season.

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