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Olympus Medical to Release World's First Auto Flourescent Videoscope.

Tokyo, Japan, Feb 5, 2007 - (JCN) - Olympus Medical Systems announced the release of Olympus Gif Type RQ260Z

Evis Lucera - a digestive tract video scope used for observing of blood vessels in mucous membranes under infrared light.

Blood vessels are observed this way to assess how far tumors have invaded and therefore how best to treat a particular patient's stomach cancer. Infiltration of the cancer can be deduced by the proliferation of blood cells in the gastrointestinal mucous membranes.

The Evis Lucera video scope comes with a 90x zoom and a button that allows it to switch from normal to narrow band imaging. This special light setting, caused by irradiation of two hemoglobin-absorbed wavelengths, is used to display capillary blood vessels and mucous membranes patterns.

The Evis Lucera will be available from the beginning of February, 2007.

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Publication:JCNN News Summaries
Date:Feb 6, 2007
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