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Olympus Expands Investment, Partnership with Cytori Therapeutics in Regenerative Medecine.

Tokyo, Japan, Aug 26, 2006 - (JCN) - Olympus Corporation, which recently acquired shares worth approximately $11 million in San Diego based Cytori Therapeutics, has announced plans to accelerate investment and expand its partnership with the American company.

Cytori Therapeutics carries out research focusing on stem and regenerative cells derived from adipose tissue, commonly known as fat. In December 2005, Olympus and Cytori established a joint venture to commence development of a new system to process adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells for use in regenerative medicine.

By expanding the investment in the company, Olympus aims to accelerate the commercialization of regenerative medicine treatments based on adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells. The strategy also encompasses the commercialization of an adipose-derived stem and regenerative cell processing system.

A second aim of the investment is to speed up the development of the next-generation system through Olympus-Cytori, Inc., a joint venture also located in San Diego, which will manufacture the commercial version of the system.

Olumpus hopes to commence sales of an automated high quality system with improved operating performance within two to four years, depending on legal and regulatory requirements in the countries concerned.

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Date:Aug 27, 2006
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