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Olympus Announces New Filmless Digital Camera Entry-Level 1.3 Megapixel for Under $500 is Floppy Disk Compatible.

MELVILLE, N.Y., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Olympus America Inc., Digital & Imaging Systems Group, a leading consumer digital camera manufacturer today announced the Olympus D-340R entry-level filmless digital camera for $499. The D-34OR digital camera is the latest addition to the popular Olympus 300-series digital camera product line (D-300L, D-320L, D-340L) winners of over 30 industry awards.

The Olympus D-340R evolves from the popular point & shoot D-340L with a 1.3 megapixel CCD (1280 x 960 resolution) in a compact, lightweight camera, and adds new features including an improved ISO rating of 100/200; uncompressed TIFF recording mode for maximum quality zero compression images; 3x inspection mode to review photo details in the camera; and 8MB SmartMedia removable media, all for the same price as the previous model D-340L. The D-340R retains the popular features of the D-340L, including its compact light-weight ergonomic design, low price, all glass aspherical lens system, burst mode of 10 shots in 1/2 second intervals, 4 mode intelligent flash, 2x digital telephoto mode, video out, and SmartMedia card usage.

Olympus High-Quality Images

Olympus digital cameras are well-known for their exceptionally high-quality images. This is achieved through the employment of three tactical technology categories. First, a host of sophisticated Olympus imaging technologies developed 60 years of camera design and manufacturing, including auto-exposure and auto focusing systems and other proprietary camera systems. Secondly, an all-glass Olympus lens system, comprised of a 5-element 5.5mm (36mm equivalency in 35mm cameras) aspherical F2.8 coated lens. Finally, low compression ratios applied to the image captured by the high-resolution 1.3 megapixel censor.

Two new features of the D-340R provide even better picture taking ability than before. The new faster 100/200 ISO rating and zero compression modes allow for low light success and larger file creation. The resulting photos are truly photographic.

The D-34OR can be used with or without a computer. It features video out for easy viewing of photos on a TV set. In addition it allows printing or viewing on the camera's 1.8-inch real image LCD in a full screen or 1-9 image reviewing. The video out feature enables groups of people to simultaneously view the photos without a computer. Images can also be transferred to video tape and sent to relatives and business associates for easy viewing. The D-340R can also print to many popular output devices employing a computer, as well as directly to the new Olympus P-330 Photo Printer (also announced today).

"The Olympus D-340R is the fourth generation of the most highly awarded digital cameras in the world," said Ken Barone, Product Manager, Digital Cameras, Olympus America, Digital & Imaging Systems Group. "At 1.3 megapixels, the D-340R is ideal for the cost conscious consumer market -- with the entry level mark of one megapixel resolution plus 30% more."

Photographic Controls

The D-340R includes professional level photographic controls you'd expect from an Olympus camera. These include four levels of recording images (Standard Quality at 640 x 480, High Quality at 1280 x 960. Super High Quality 128O x 960 with low image compression for superior image quality, and uncompressed TIFF mode), exposure controls, and flash features. Exposure control allows users to bracket +/- 1 step for lighting compensation. Olympus also features a sophisticated four mode flash, with "red-eye" reduction, force-fill flash, automatic low-light and back-light mode, and force-off to accommodate any lighting condition.

The D-340R is part of a comprehensive filmless photographic system. Additional camera accessories are available, including an A/C adapter, NIMH batteries and recharger, camera case, and additional 4, 8 and 16MB SmartMedia cards available optionally through Olympus.

Digital Tele/Wide Mode

The 2x Digital Tele/Wide Mode adds the flexibility of a telephoto lens in a compact point and shoot camera. With the D-340R, users can choose between the standard (wide) mode for those everyday situation shots or choose the 2X telephoto mode (72mm equivalency in 35mm cameras) for those shots you want to bring in a little closer. The built in 1.8x-inch LCD display automatically activates when choosing the digital Tele/Wide Mode for through the lens composition in a digital SLR simulation.

Sequence Shooting

The D-340R incorporates high-speed D-RAM (internal memory). This architectural enhancement provides near world-class shot recovery performance of 2 seconds between shots surpassed only by the recently announced Olympus D-620L. The D-RAM also enables Sequence Shooting mode allowing the capture of up to 10 images in half second intervals. Activation is easy. Users simply hold the shutter button down and the camera does all the work. Up to 10 images are written through D-RAM and saved to the removable media for later review.

SmartMedia(TM), Removable Media

The Olympus D-340R utilizes 3.3 volt SmartMedia removable media (also known as SSFDC). 8MB of memory is included with the camera. Additional 2MB, 4MB, 8MB, and 16MB cards can be used so there is no restriction on the number of photos that can be captured. The included Olympus SmartMedia memory can be reused thousands of times, as images can be erased -- and users can go back at any time and reshoot.
 D-34OR Recording 4MB 8MB 16MB
 Mode # of images # of images # of images

 Standard Quality 60* 120* 240*
 640 x 480
 Std. compression

 High Quality 18* 36* 72*
 1280 x 960
 Std. compression

 Super High Quality 9* 18* 36*
 1280 x 960
 Min. compression

 Uncompressed TIFF 1 2 4
 1280 x 960

 *Image or more on a single SmartMedia card.

 Floppy Disk Compatible

Images on 01ympus SmartMedia memory cards can be directly transferred to any Macintosh. Windows 95, 98, and NT computers using the optional Olympus FlashPath 3.5-inch floppy disk adapter. The floppy disk adapter allows users to take images directly from their camera to most any computer using common 3.5-inch floppy disk drives. Once the included memory card is placed in the adapter, think of it as a 4, 8, or 16MB diskette, as it is both readable and writable (Windows only).

Ergonomic Design

The D-340R is designed by 0lympus, a camera company that understands and excels in camera ergonomics. Beautifully designed with the consumer in mind, the camera is light weight at 9 ounces and is very compact with dimensions of 5" x 2.6" x 1.8". The protective lens barrier slides open with one hand for ease of use, and simultaneously turns on the camera. The camera's clever design protects and blocks the viewfinder when closed. Therefore, there is no question when the camera is turned on. The D-340R also has an efficient 1.8 inch smudge-resisant LCD screen.

The D-340R includes 4 AA Alkaline batteries, 8MB of panorama SmartMedia memory, strap, serial cable for Mac and/or PC, video connection cable for TV or VCR, and instruction manuals. A software bundle for Windows and MacOS-based computers is included, consisting of Adobe(R) PhotoDeluxe(TM) image manipulation and creation software. Enroute QuickStitch panorama stitching software and Olympus Camedia Utility Software for downloading images from the camera. The D-34OR will be available in Q1 with an expected street price of $499. For more information, contact Olympus America, Digital & Imaging Systems Group, Two Corporate Center Dr., Melville, NY 11747-3157, ph: 516-844-5000, 800-347-4027, Fax: 516-844-5262 or the Olympus Web Site:

Olympus America distributes a wide range of products for consumer, scientific, health care, commercial and industrial markets. These include film and filmless cameras, Microcassette(TM) and digital voice recorders, binoculars, film scanners, personal photo printers, medical and industrial endoscopes, biological and metallurgical microscopes, and measuring instruments, clinical analyzers, and other high technology products. Olympus America is responsible for sales in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

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