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Olympus [micro]-20 digital. (The Pulse 2).

The [micro]-20 is the latest little creation out of the Olympus Camera labs and is touted as the "world's first metal-bodied waterproof digital camera in the [micro] (pronounced myu) series." Can't argue with that, I guess. According to Olympus, the camera is waterproof to the extent that you can use it outside in the pouring rain without it going up in smoke.

A 4-megapixel still digicam capable of producing shots of a maximum resolution of 2,272 x 1,704, the [micro]-20 is an update of the [micro]-10 and is easily distinguishable thanks to the change in lens cover -- from a rather bright blue to a more understated silver. Otherwise, the new camera has almost identical tech specs to its predecessor, including the 3x optical zoom lens, a 1.5-inch TFT LCD viewfinder, macro-function from 20 cm and 16 seconds of 320 x 240 movies at 15 frames per second. The camera records images to the new-format xD Picture Cards. Priced at [Yen]63,000. To be released in Japan by the end April.

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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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