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Olympic costs; You Say

I FIND it hard to equate those poor people and animals in Africa suffering and dying dreadfully of thirst and starvation whilst we are spending billions of pounds on what really is a giant ego trip for London, also known as the Olympics. (Please don't enquire about the final cost that is a public sensitive subject, best soft pedalled.) Money never has been a worrisome factor when the capital indulges in its habitual narcissism, especially when the ordinary folk in the street contribute through taxation and Lottery grants etc.

These self-same ordinary folk might catch a glimpse of a lit torch racing by, or events on the TV, even a token Ludo semi-final out here in the "sticks" as they contribute their pocket money to those desperate people in Somalia etc.

Of course we all want to see our athletes encouraged with good facilities, but this could have been comfortably achieved at a far lesser cost with a goodly sum being directed to save lives from starvation and thirst Again,we all enjoy a cheerful diversion inourworkaday lives, but the financial commitment between these two emotional events must surely leave most folk with an uneasy conscience.

Sally Backshall, Maghull
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 1, 2011
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