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Olympic Team Finds Systemic Enzymes Effective for Sports Injuries.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 12 /PRNewswire/ --

The German Olympic team has found a natural solution to enhance their training for this year's Summer Games in Sydney, Australia. Their secret: systemic enzymes.

Under the supervision of world-renowned sports medicine physician Dr. Joseph Keul, German trainers use systemic enzymes to help their Olympic athletes overcome injuries with less reliance on cortisone and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), both of which can have damaging side effects.

Dr. Keul believes systemic enzymes are the responsible way to help young athletes without endangering their future. While cortisone and NSAIDs continue play an important role in the medical treatment of injuries, Dr. Keul strives to minimize the use of such painkillers simply to increase performance.

In 1998, the German and Austrian Olympic teams ordered over one million tablets of a systemic enzyme formula called Wobenzym before the Winter Games. Dr. Keul was so impressed with those results that he ordered more tablets for this year's team headed to Sydney. The Austrians are expected to follow suit.

Systemic enzymes have been shown in numerous studies to support recovery from muscle and joint pain following strenuous exercise. In one study of boxers published in The Practitioner, systemic enzymes significantly reduced injuries such as cuts, broken vessels, bruising and sprains prior to entering the ring.

In another placebo-controlled study, 22 of 44 patients with sprained ankles received systemic enzymes for 10 days, and were found to have less pain and swelling, and greater mobility than the control group. More than 20 additional studies have confirmed the use of enzymes to promote recovery from injuries.

Other studies suggest that systemic enzymes may also help lessen the wearing away of muscle tissue caused by over-training.

Many U.S. athletes still deal with the pain of intense training by taking cortisone or NSAIDs such as aspirin and ibuprofen. However, continuous use of these painkillers can suppress the immune system and/or lead to severe liver, kidney and gastrointestinal problems. According to The Wall Street Journal, up to 20,000 people die each year and over 100,000 are hospitalized due to NSAIDs alone. Systemic enzymes have no such side effects.

Wobenzym, the systemic enzyme formula used by the German Olympic team, is manufactured by MUCOS Pharma of Germany. It is available in the United States without a prescription at health food stores and pharmacies across the country.

To learn more about the use of systemic enzymes for sports injuries, read "Healing Sports Injuries Naturally," by Michael Loes, M.D. and David Steinman (1999, Freedom Press); or "Injured, What Now?" by Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Mueller-Wohlfahrt and Hans Jurgen Montag (1999, Hastings House), both available at

For more information about the numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies conducted on Wobenzym, please contact Dr. Gerhard Stauder, Medical Director of MUCOS Pharma at ; Dr. Hellmut Muench, Sports Medicine Director of MUCOS at ; or Dr. Aftab Ahmed, Director of R&D and Business Development, Naturally Vitamins (the U.S. distributor of Wobenzym) at
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Date:May 12, 2000
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