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Olympia's brewery equipment auctioned.

The auction for the Olympia Brewing Co.'s old equipment took place this week in Tumwater, WA. The auction at the former Pabst plant, which was purchased and then closed by Miller Brewing Co., attracted about 75 bidders to the site. Additional bidders could view and bid for the equipment through a webcast.

The auction was overseen by the All-American Bottled Water Corp., which bought the brewery from Miller for $14 million in April, and plans to use the facility for bottling water. The conversion of the plant to water production will cost about $45 million, the company has said. The entire bottling and packaging plant will be removed to allow installation of new packaging lines. Bob Magruder, plant manager for All-American and former Miller packaging superintendent, will oversee the process.

Equipment on the auction block included seven bottle and can lines; hundreds of tanks from the cellars, ranging in capacity from 500 to 1,000 barrels; refrigeration equipment, and power stations and facilities; packaging equipment, and about $1 million in spare parts inventory. Parts of the old brewery property will be sold off during an auction in October. This includes the old brewhouse and the main brewery building. All-American only aims to keep the former bottle shop and the water rights.
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Date:Oct 4, 2004
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