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Ology Hand Wash.

This month we decided to take a detour from food and beverage territory to seek out a new non-food item for our Test Drive panelists to try out. With cold and flu season approaching, we settled on Ology Hand Wash from Deerfield, Ill.-based Walgreen Co. (No, it isn't an antibacterial soap, but according to the Mayo Clinic, antibacterial soap is no more effective than "regular" soap at killing germs - it's the washing technique and duration that really matter).

The paraben-free plant-based hand wash features a lemon scent and contains no artificial ingredients. We purchased three 12-fluid-ounce bottles at a Chicago-area Walgreens store for $3.99 apiece.


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Product Comments

Jenny: The soap smelled great when I opened the cap, but I was slightly disappointed that fresh lemony scent didn't last on my hands. Seemed to do the trick though, and made my hands feel squeaky clean!

Frank: Ology had a pleasant refreshing aroma, unlike some hand washes that have an antiseptic fragrance. I also like the fact that it contains no parabens and that it is plant-based.

Brad: The product itself was good. I enjoy anything with a lemony aroma, and this delivered. Left my skin feeling soft and smelling good. No problems there!

Packaging Comments

Jenny: Very nice - looks "designer!"

Frank: The packaging/label is very well designed and descriptive, showing all of the key ingredients, as well as a picture of a lemon/slices, which is the main fragrance.

Brad: Packaging was very plain to me. Not a fan of the beige color. I feel that making the logo white and the label the same as the nozzle would have been an improvement.

Note: Test Drive delivers honest, yet totally unscientific feedback on a new store brand product and its packaging each month. Our panelists give a green light to items/packaging they like a great deal; a yellow light to items/packaging they deem "acceptable;" and a red light to items/packaging not meeting their expectations.

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Date:Oct 1, 2013
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