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Olive Oil.

OLIVE OIL. Edited by A K Kiritsakis. 192 pages with index. Price: 64.00 [pounds]. (USA: AOCS; UK: Food Trade Press Ltd)

Olive oil has been known an awful long time and its history must tie in with that of mankind itself. Whilst the excessive intake of some oils and fats is now frowned upon, it is possible to find a society where this oil has been used extensively for at least four thousand years to good effect. Figures show that the incidence of coronary heart disease amongst the older generation of the inhabitants of the island of Crete is remarkably low.

Whilst the use of genetic engineering has allowed the production of other vegetable oils with similar fatty acid compositions, the uniqueness of olive oil is still apparent. The author has set out to provide detailed information on the history of this important oil's production, its composition and biological effects. It has been used as both fuel and medicine over the course of time and recent work has shown that it may contribute to the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases amongst others.

This text was originally published in Greek and the English text has been prepared with the aid of a couple of contributors to bring the information as up to date as possible. Its seventeen chapters are entitled: History of the olive tree; Botanical characteristics of the olive tree; Olive fruit - olive oil formation; Chemistry of olive oil; Harvest and storage of olive fruits; Extraction of olive oil; Olive oil extraction systems; Subproducts of the olive oil processing; Chemical and other treatments of olive oil; Olive oil storage; Packing of olive oil; Deterioration of olive oil; Factors affecting olive oil quality; International Olive Oil Council - olive oil quality; olive oil adulteration; Determinations on olive oil - adulteration tests; Biological effects of olive oil on human health; and Future research needs.

This important text provides an insight into this ancient oil which is still widely used throughout the world in many forms.
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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