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Olicom ATM Adapter Software Provides Advanced Fault- Tolerance; CellDriver 2.1 opens door for more secure deployment of ATM in enterprise networks.

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 18, 1996--Olicom (NASDAQ:OLCMF), a leading international supplier of high-performance networking solutions, today announced CellDriver 2.1 - the latest version of the company's ATM software for its award-winning RapidFire family of 155 Mbps ATM adapters. The new CellDriver software supports a number of advanced features, including - for the first time in the industry - standards- compliant fault tolerance that will help network managers build more secure ATM networks.

CellDriver software features Dynamic Connection Redundancy (DCR) which, in conjunction with Cisco's recently announced Simple Server Redundancy Protocol (SSRP), enables ATM network managers build non-stop ATM backbone and production networks. By supporting DCR, whereby a connection between a client and a LAN Emulation server can automatically recover in case of a network failure, CellDriver provides the industry's most advanced, reliable ATM LAN emulation solution available for servers and high-demand desktops.

"Because of our extensive experience with the mission- critical networking needs of enterprises, we've made features like fault-tolerance a priority with our ATM technology," said Steen Lohse, vice president of marketing at Olicom USA. "The resilience offered by the new CellDriver software in tandem with our RapidFire adapters significantly strengthens the business case for deploying ATM in the enterprise, and for the first time lets network managers rest easy knowing their ATM networks are protected against downtime."

Like all the new features of CellDriver 2.1, DCR is fully compliant with ATM Forum standards. For example, to enable uninterrupted availability of a server farm over an ATM backbone, DCR employs a method known as LAN Emulation Configuration Server (LECS) discovery through Interim Local Management Interface (ILMI). In case of failure of any of the LAN Emulation service components (LANE configuration server, LANE server, or broadcast unknown server), DCR automatically provides a fall-back connection to a backup server. The previous alternative -- referred to as the "well-known address" method -- is limited because it does not provide for hot-standby of these critical services , potentially resulting in far greater down-time of the ATM LAN emulation network.

The Simple Server Redundancy Protocol, implemented in Cisco's ATM system products, provides network managers advanced redundancy capabilities and complete flexibility when building mission-critical networks SSRP provides for redundant LAN emulation server components, eliminating the single point of failure found in other LAN emulation implementations.

"Like Olicom, Cisco views fault tolerance and redundancy as critical issues for ATM in production environments," said Steve Pomeroy, ATM Partnerships Manager at Cisco. "Olicom's new CellDriver software fully exploits the advanced capabilities of SSRP, and gives significant added value for our customers."

An additional benefit of DCR is extremely easy installation. LECS discovery through ILMI automatically interrogates the network to ascertain all relevant LAN Emulation Services parameters. The adapter's PCI architecture and automatic configuration via DCR means Olicom's RapidFire card can be installed from the box to live usage in a few minutes.

Virginia Brooks, a leading ATM analyst from Boston-based Aberdeen Group, has long recognized the need for joint ATM solutions, particularly in the area of fault-tolerance. "Together, Olicom and Cisco have developed a solution that addresses an area of vital importance to the widespread implementation of ATM, and that is the single point of failure inherent in most ATM networks today. Building fault- tolerance into the ATM solution removes one of the biggest roadblocks to the effective use of ATM in the enterprise."

Other key new features provided by CellDriver 2.1 include the industry's most extensive support for NetWare environments, support for up to 16 emulated LANs (which can be simultaneous connections to both Token-Ring and Ethernet LANs) on one adapter, and adjustable bandwidth usage - a key feature for enterprises that want to exploit the full capabilities of ATM by connecting several ATM LANs using an ATM-based WAN.

CellDriver and Olicom's RapidFire 155 adapter earned "Editors' Choice" honors this year from PC Magazine. Deemed the "Swiss Army knife of ATM Adapters," the RapidFire card was cited for its ease-of-installation, its hardware and software performance, and its breadth of driver support.

CellDriver software features full ATM Emulation Services and is compliant with the ATM Forum LAN Emulation over ATM version 1.0 specification for both Ethernet and Token-Ring, full Classical IP implementation (RFC 1577), and bridged and routed Multi-protocol Encapsulation over ATM (RFC 1483). CellDriver software supports popular operating systems like Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, as well as Novell NetWare 4.1 and 3.12. RapidFire adapters and CellDriver software have been tested for interoperability with a wide range of ATM switches and adapters from other vendors, including Cisco, Bay, Fore Systems, IBM, 3Com, Newbridge, UB Networks, DEC and CrossComm.

CellDriver 2.1 is available immediately and can be downloaded from Olicom's Web site. The new version of CellDriver is compatible with existing RapidFire OC-615x adapters.

Company Background

Olicom develops and markets a broad range of Token Ring, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and ATM local area network products. Olicom products, known for high quality, high performance and competitive prices, are distributed worldwide by a network of strategic partners and resellers. Founded in 1985, the company trades on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol OLCMF. More information on Olicom is available from the company's SEC filing or by contacting the company directly. Olicom news and product/service information are available at World Wide Web site Olicom is headquartered in suburban Copenhagen, Denmark. -0-

Olicom is a registered trademark. CellDriver and RapidFire are trademarks of Olicom A/S. All other brand and product names are registered trademarks of their respective holders.


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Date:Sep 18, 1996
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