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Oldest East Coast mammals.

Oldest East Coast mammals

When construction workers in South Carolina recently dug a new hole for a hydroelectric turbine, they unearthed evidence of the oldest mammals yet discovered on the East Coast of the United States, reports paleontologist Robert M. Schoch of Boston University. Amateur collectors picking through the excavation near St. Stephen, S.C., found five teeth and a broken skull bone. Four of the specimens apparently come from four different German-shepherd-sized, hairy creatures, and the other two come from squirrel-sized mammals, Schoch says. All of them lived about 60 million years ago.

"I don't know of any other Paleocene mammals in the Southeast," Schoch says. Until now, the earliest known mammals from this area dated from the late Eocene, about 38 million years ago, Schoch says.

One of the larger teeth appears to have come from a previously unknown dog-sized mammal, which Schoch has named Mingotherium holtae, after the Black Mingo fossil layer, where the tooth was found.

"We had suspected before this that there must have been mammals on the East Coast in the Paleocene," Schoch says. "This is opening up a window on what they were."
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Author:Murray, Mary
Publication:Science News
Date:Aug 23, 1986
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