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Oldershaw, Cally. The Firefly Guide to gems.

OLDERSHAW, Cally. The Firefly Guide to gems. Firefly. 224p. illus. maps. c2004. 1-552-97814-1. $14.95. JSA

A little gem in itself, this guide is rich in information. A lengthy introduction considers gem formation, mining, crystal structure and physical and optical properties of gems in addition to a history of gems and some detailed material on famous gems and the luck--or curse--they supposedly brought to their owners. The detailed pages on each gem considered are not organized alphabetically but are classified by chemical composition from carbon (diamonds) through oxides (including sapphires) to organics (pearls). Each gem has a page of its own with illustrations of color and cuts and a fount of technical information, such as chemical composition and refractive index. Detailed maps of six continents illustrate the locations where each type of gem is found. A valuable reference guide. Pat Moore, Brookline, MA
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Author:Moore, Pat
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 2004
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